Just Foster a Dog

Just Foster a Dog

It doesn't get better than fostering a pup, truly. I often hear "I couldn't foster, I would want to keep them all!", but once you shake that mentality, clarity of the huge impact it makes happens.

You are not only changing that pup's world, but it becomes a chain reaction in the overwhelming cycle called animal rescue. You open up a spot down the line for another life to be saved. A rescue can now pull another dog from a shelter. A shelter can now help another animal in that space. You are making a huge impact. Not to mention, you receive all of the love and fulfillment that a pup can bring without the financial investment as the rescue typically takes care of all expenses for care!

As Founder, President of Winston's Wishes (a Wisconsin Non-Profit Dog Rescue Organization), I know firsthand how critical and valuable Foster Homes are. They are increasingly hard to come by but make an incredible impact! We cover ALL expenses for your foster pup including food, supplies, enrichment, medical, training, etc. You are only expected to provide is a safe, structured, patient, and loving environment 💜 

If you'd like to learn more about fostering for Winston's Wishes and helping local pups in need here in WI, click the link below! If you are outside of WI, please contact your local rescue or humane society to learn more about you can foster! 🐾 

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